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Company Overview
Sri Biotech is founded by a young Doctorate in Biotechnology in the year 1994 with a vision to be the world's most dynamic Biotech conglomerate creating Eco friendly Solutions through a Biosphere of products and services, assuring sustainability in Agriculture and Safety to health and environment. The organization is built on innovation & technology, creative strategies to accelerate product development and is converting challenges into opportunities with vast business potential. It comprises of strong national and international partnerships, technological tie-ups, strategic alliances, working under common goals of empowering the resource to poor farming community and improving human lives through safe environment. The company is engaged in Research in the areas of Crop Improvement, Crop nutrition and Crop Protection. Production and Marketing of Superior quality Seeds, Nutrients, Fertilizers, Pesticides and fungicides with Biological, organic and Inorganic origin and reaches out to more than10 Million farmers across 13 States in India.
Scientific background, Research and Development, Tie ups for technology transfers/collaborations with various National & International Institutions/universities, qualified manpower, State of the art facilities are the key factors for the fast growth of the organization during the span of 18 years. Research activities are taken up in more than 25000 sft. Laboratory area and 200 acres of research farms around Hyderabad, Multi-location centers spread across the country for testing the efficacy and adoptability of the products.
Sri Biotech is the first company to register Bio-Products with Central Insecticides Board. Sri Biotech has ten organically certified products by APEDA through Vedic Organic Certification Agency.
Sri Biotech well understood the
1. Resistance and Residues problems associated with chemicals,
2. The concept of use of Biotech products in agriculture to benefit the farmer through better plant growth and enhanced yields/unit area and paved a way for sustainable investment in nature's conservation.
3. The company constantly focuses on the changing needs of farmers while taking into account the environmental concerns.

Sri Biotech comprises of qualified, professional and dedicated scientists in various disciplines and experienced & talented marketing professionals on the ground.
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