Welcome to Sri Biotech

Sri Biotech Laboratories India Ltd was founded in 1994, with the aim of becoming the world’s most dynamic Biotech organisation producing eco-friendly solutions with a “biosphere” of products and services, and assuring sustainability in agriculture and safety for health and the environment.

This vision arises from a strong awareness of the key role that biotech products have in agriculture in terms of advantages for farmers through better plant growth and enhanced yields, and from our focus on the changing needs of farmers, while taking into account environmental concerns such as the problems of resistance and residues associated with chemicals.

With this aim, SRIBIO apply research and innovation in the service of farmers’ needs, offering sustainable solutions for plant nutrition and protection against disease and insect pest attacks on crops.

For two decades has been committed to enhancing crop productivity with the most effective and efficient microbial tools which we are constantly improving, and with a focus on awareness and enhancement of the environment and seed, soil and plant health.

The company is engaged in research areas related to Plant Microbial Biostimulants, Plant Nutrition and Plant Protection, and has the backing of strong national and international partnerships and strategic alliances, working with the common mission of strengthening resources

for the farming community and improving human lives through a safer environment. Sri Biotech was also the first company to register bio-control products with the Central Insecticides Board and supplies 20 products with organic certification issued by VOCA (Vedic Organic Certification Agency) and INDOCERT.

These are the key factors that enable SRIBIO to serve more than 5 million farmers in 6 Indian States, with our two manufacturing facilities.


In 2015 Sri Biotech joined the Valagro Group, sharing their vision: to consume the minimum resources required to meet people’s needs, thanks to a new awareness that employs science for the benefit of mankind through innovation, and with respect for nature. SRIBIO and Valagro have always shared a strong commitment to research and development that focuses on innovation and environmental sustainability, with the aim of best meeting customer needs and following a business strategy that puts customers at the centre of all our activities.

With SRIBIO as a member of the Group, Valagro will gain access to new market segments such as bio control, and new technologies such as fermentation, which will allow the Group to develop new products, enhance existing ones and strengthen its role in the worldwide market as a truly global company operating at 360° in the biologicals sector.


To be the world's most innovative, R&D-driven biotech organisation producing eco-friendly solutions through a biosphere of products and services, assuring sustainability in agriculture and safety for health and the environment.


To enhance crop productivity by employing and constantly improving upon efficient microbial tools, with a focus on awareness and enhancement of seed, soil and plant health to its fullest potential.

Quality Policy

SRIBIO is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing innovative products and services that meet all relevant standards and specifications, through excellence in quality and services. We achieve this by continually improving our quality management systems and complying with quality objectives.