Our History

Starting out as a manufacturer of biotechnology-based products, Sri Biotech Laboratories India Ltd is a leading player in the Indian agricultural biotechnology sector. The company was established in 1994 by Dr. KRK Reddy and started operating with initial funding from the rural and agriculture focused public bank NABARD in 1995. Shortly after in 1996, SRIBIO established the first biotechnology laboratory in the private sector in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

In 1997 the first fermentation unit was set up and the first microbial product in the series was released commercially onto the market in Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states.

Company efforts in the field of research and development have been widely acknowledged by major Indian institutions. Most notably, in 2003 SRIBIO’s R&D unit was recognised by the prestigious Department of Scientific & Industrial Research of the Indian government, and in recognition of SRIBIO’s contribution to the development of the agri-biotechnology sector, Dr. KRK Reddy, the founder of SRIBIO, received the National Award from Government of India three years later.

2010 proved to be one of the most productive years for SRIBIO, when the plant at Pashamylaram (Medak District, Andhra Pradesh) was commissioned. In the following years the company continued to grow, partly as a result of extensive networking among the scientific, academic and research community, including over 15 collaborations with universities and public research institutes, both nationally and overseas. 

In 2015 Sri Biotech joined the Valagro Group. SRIBIO and Valagro share a strong commitment to research and development that focuses on innovation and environmental sustainability as the foundation for business growth. The exchange of know-how among R&D teams will develop important and effective synergies to the benefit of both companies and their customers, offering integrated solutions for sustainable agriculture.