R&D Lab @ Pashamylaram

Traditional farming equipment and practices are reaching their limits of effectiveness in increasing agricultural productivity. As countries develop, people are also demanding more and better food. These pressures are multiplied by shrinking farmland, rising labour costs and shortage of farm workers. Microbiology offers an additional method of improving the sustainability of existing systems in order to improve the quantity and quality of our agricultural produce. The potential benefits of plant microorganisms are numerous and useful in the enhancement of factors such as improvement of resistance to crop pests and diseases, soil nutrient uptake, crop robustness, fertilization uptake efficiency and reduction of chemical pesticide usage. Microbial biostimulants (MBS) address the present and future challenges of agriculture by developing new products based on living microorganisms or microbial metabolites.

Agriculture forms the backbone of the Indian economy, and despite concerted industrialisation over the last 40 years, agriculture still occupies a place of pride. Maintenance of plant health is essential for successful farming for both yield and quality of produce, which is possible only through innovation, technology and science-based products, backed up by R&D. Research and Development focuses on 3 segments:

SRIBIO research and development activities falls within the microbial biostimulants category which improve plant growth by enhancing plant nutrition and combatting abiotic stress and biocontrol products that allow the suppression of pests and pathogens.

SRIBIO strives to constantly improve the array of products it offers and launches new products through relentless research. SRIBIO has invented products which are the first of their kind for quality and wide spectrum usage with our robust in-house R&D, and through our established strategic alliances and viable collaborations and links with reputable national and international institutions and organisations.

SRIBIO started its research with the vision of transforming and enhancing quality produce in the agriculture sector through safer, green alternatives to chemicals with applied biotechnology. The passion, perseverance, dedication, relentless effort and strategic innovation of SRIBIO has resulted in several significant achievements which provide valuable insights into the agriculture quality chain from sowing to harvest in a holistic manner.

Through our own in-house R&D, Sri Biotech has developed several innovative processes and products. The activities of the R&D center include process improvements, new product development, bioassay of final products and field evaluation of products.

In research areas related to nutrition improvement and microbial biostimulants, SRIBIO’s novel and innovative platform combines high-throughput phenotyping to discover nature’s most effective microorganism and metabolites for promoting plant growth and development, and nutrient uptake by solubilization and reducing nutrient losses to the environment. Regarding crop protection, a proprietary discovery process, a rapid development platform and a strong pipeline of pest management and plant health, R&D screening assays are developed to be highly predictive of microbial performance. All research activities are performed by advanced molecular analyses to understand modes-of-action, through rigorous verification in greenhouses and in field trials, scaling the products for global implementation in agriculture.

Integrated Plant Nutrition Complex

This division deals with NPK granulated mixture, water soluble fertilizers and all kinds of micronutrients; standalone or mixtures in chelated form, as per the requirement of various states conferring FCO standards. This granulated plant has an installed capacity of 90,000 MT per annum. The facilities manufacture various granular formulations of micro fertilizers, secondary fertilizers and NPKs.